Broken Teeth Repair

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Broken Teeth Repair

A Dental Emergency strikes

Accidents happen, and they usually do when you're least prepared to handle them. A tooth can be knocked out in the middle of a Saturday afternoon during a athletic activitiy, or while eating at a fast food restaurant. When these emergencies strike and you can't wait for a dental clinic regular business hours, our specialists at William C. Gardner, DDS PA can help you.

Broken Teeth repaired now!

A child trips and falls down the front stairs, landing in just the right way to knock out one of the brand new permanent teeth that just came in. You bite into a burger at a family cook out, and a piece of bone is the burger. You break a tooth and a searing pain strikes down through your jaw and you need a dentist now. For these kind of emergencies. Schedule your appointment today with Dr. William Gardner’s.