Why 24 hours emergency dentist is important for you?

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Your teeth are an important part of your body owing to their unique structure and specialized functions for your overall health maintenance and general well-being. The outermost hard enamel surface layer of teeth is essential for the protection of underlying sensitive dentine and pulp components harboring nerves and blood vessels. This layer cannot be replaced once lost and should be protected at all costs. Know more about your Albuquerque New Mexico Emergency Dentist now.

Loss Of Enamel Layer

Loss of enamel layer due to dental decay, trauma, injuries, falls, biting on hard foods or following gum diseases necessitates an emergency dental consultation visit to your 24 hours emergency dentist Dr William C Gardner at NM Family and Cosmetic Dentistry PC. Breached enamel layer can progress to extremely painful situations if not treated at an early stage.

Toothache Problems:

Toothache has been considered among the worst pain scenarios and must be dealt with as early as possible. You need to see your dentist immediately. Failing to do so can worsen your study timetable or working schedule in the office for several days. It may occur at any time within the day or night and availability of a 24 emergency dentist is of utmost importance for relieving your pain and providing you comfort. You need to understand the seriousness of various dental emergencies which often take place at home, in school, during working hours and on holidays which require immediate treatment by your dental health care provider. Know more about your Albuquerque New Mexico Emergency Dentist now.

Tooth Problems – How To Take Care

Kids are always fond of sports, riding a bicycle, going to park for group play and other physical activities which may lead to sudden fall or blow to their front teeth. Severe blow or injury to front teeth may result in knocking out of teeth which may lead to permanent tooth loss if not managed immediately. Adults can also suffer from falls and blows leading to avulsion of teeth. If such situation occurs, you need to remain calm and follow certain instructions,

  • Keep the child calm,
  • Locate the avulsed tooth and hold it with the crown part. Never touch the root portion,
  • If tooth looks dirty, wash and clean it under cold running water for 10 seconds,
  • Try to re-position the tooth within the empty socket if possible and ask your child to bite on a handkerchief firmly to ensure it remains in its place,
  • If this looks difficult, do not panic. Place the tooth in cold milk or special storage media available in the first aid emergency kits in parks and schools. Tooth can be placed between cheeks and teeth but small children can ingest teeth and it should be avoided. Elders can be encouraged to do this,
  • Do not store tooth in water,
  • Immediately bring your child to your emergency dentist for permanent placement of knocked out tooth within the socket and further treatment care of tooth and adjacent gums.Know more about your Albuquerque New Mexico Emergency Dentist now.

Albuquerque New Mexico Emergency For Dental Decay

Dental decay can lead to development of severe pain when it involves the sensitive dentin and pulp tissues. Hypersensitivity may become so severe that you cannot sleep at night. Advanced dental disease can cause increased pain due to irreversible pulpitis when you lie down for sleep at night. Such a situation requires emergency dental care even at 02:00 am in the morning. You need to rush to your 24 hours emergency dentist Dr William C Gardner. Rush for relief of hypersensitivity or irreversible pulpitis through root canal treatment procedures.

Delay In Treatment:

If this treatment is delayed, it may lead to accumulation of pus within your tooth and formation of dangerous tooth abscesses which requires immediate incison & drainage of pus followed by root canal treatment or removal of tooth. An abscess can spread to the spaces within your face leading to breathing difficulties. It can cause death due to airway blockage. It can spread to brain and heart causing infections.Know more about your Albuquerque New Mexico Emergency Dentist now.

Biting on hard foods, fruit seeds and opening bottle corks with teeth can cause enamel cracks and cusp fractures in your teeth. Severe tooth injury can lead to cracked teeth causing unbearable pain on chewing, biting and even on light tooth contacts. It may occur on Sundays during weekend parties or in a night club late at night. And warrants immediate dental treatment care. Delayed dental check up in this situation may lead to severe psychological trauma. This is due to shocking pain and can cause permanent tooth loss.

Call your Albuquerque New Mexico Emergency Dentist When In Need

Your emergency dentist has the ultimate solution to this problem 24 hours a day. Slight chipping of front teeth due to minor injuries can compromise your smile profile. You may lose confidence during an interview or presentation. Immediate visit to your emergency dentist can bring your smile back with the help of tooth colored fillings.

Dental emergencies need immediate care. 24 hours emergency dentist Dr William C Gardner at NM Family and Cosmetic Dentistry PC is available throughout day and night and focuses upon best solution for improving your teeth.

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