What should I do if my baby has cavities in teeth?

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Child dental health care is of utmost importance owing to the fact that healthy milk teeth ensure long life of permanent teeth which will erupt after shedding of baby teeth. Decayed, damaged, infected baby teeth followed by early loss can lead to failure of development of jaw bones. It also impacts healthy permanent teeth. Failure of eruption, delayed tooth eruption, mal-alignment of teeth, impacted teeth and rotated teeth are the common consequences of neglected primary dentition. Get in touch with Albuquerque New Mexico Dentist for tooth cavities in children.

Vigilant parents especially mothers can play the most important role in maintenance of child dental health care through regular tooth brushing of baby teeth, early detection of cavities and ensuring child’s first dental visit as soon as possible. Highly experienced and skilled 24 hours emergency cosmetic & restorative dentist Dr William C Gardner at NM Family and Cosmetic Dentistry PC has specialized pediatric dentistry training for the prevention and management of dental and oral problems which can affect your children.

Importance of Healthy Milk Teeth

Healthy milk teeth are essential for the proper growth and development of your child. These teeth are essential for chewing, biting and eating in early childhood. Milk teeth or primary teeth usually start erupting within 6-7 months. This is after child birth and are responsible for daily functions till 6-7 years of age. This marks the eruption of permanent teeth.Get in touch with Albuquerque New Mexico Dentist for tooth cavities in children.

Furthermore, these baby teeth maintain the much needed space and provide necessary stimulus for the succeeding permanent teeth from underneath the jaw bones. Majority of parents underestimate the importance of baby teeth and prefer to get removal of their baby’s teeth in case of pain and dental decay. This action can have serious consequences on the overall growth, development, confidence building and self-esteem of your child.Get in touch with Albuquerque New Mexico Dentist for tooth cavities in children

Following are the important considerations which should be kept in mind regarding your infant and child dental health issues:

Important Conditions:

  • Bring your infant to your dentist’s dental office soon after the eruption of first milk tooth or after his/her first birthday. The first dental check up visit is of prime importance due to the fact that it imprints the first impression of dental clinic environment on child’s mind which will be very helpful in future dental treatments. Furthermore, your dentist will provide you valuable advice and tips for taking care of your child’s teeth and gums,
  • Reinforce oral hygiene measures and teeth cleaning habits in your children. Gift them tooth brushes having shape of their favorite cartoon characters with especially formulated flavored tooth pastes,
  • Brush your teeth in front of your children for motivating them to perform regular tooth brushing twice a day,
  • Does your child complain of pain and discomfort in mouth? Do you notice blackening of teeth? You must take it seriously. Immediately book dental consultation appointment for thorough examination of your child’s teeth.Get in touch with Albuquerque New Mexico Dentist for tooth cavities in children.

Get in touch with Albuquerque New Mexico Dentist for tooth cavities in children.

  • Mothers should never put feeding or nursing bottles filled with sugary milk or drinks in their child’s mouth for longer periods of time especially at night before going to bed. This habit provides a continuous reservoir of acids and sugars for decay causing bacterial growth in the mouth leading to occurrence of nursing bottle caries,
  • Frequently rinse your child’s mouth after intake of fruit juices, sweetened milk, fast foods, crispy potato chips, chocolates and caramel. Sticky foods are bigger enemies of your child’s teeth. Potato chips may look innocent as compared to caramel. But in reality, its sticky nature makes it an ideal risk factor for development of childhood caries,

Prevention Of Dental Decay

  • Prevention of dental decay in your child’s teeth requires simple reinforcement of tooth brushing. It is also about mouth rinsing and placement of dental sealants in deep pits and grooves. This is prone to harbor bacteria and food debris,
  • Small sized cavities need to be restored as early as possible with the help of bonded tooth colored fillings,
  • Extensive cavities with loss of outermost enamel of teeth may necessitate complex fillings. It is about invasive vital pulp therapy procedures such as pulpotomy or root canal treatments,
  • We prefer to avoid removal of teeth in infants and small children at all costs. This is unless there are chances of infection spread to the underneath developing permanent teeth. If left untreated at this stage, infection may cause discoloration, mal-formation, mal-alignment and abnormal formation of permanent teeth.

Get In Touch Now:

Do you have cosmetic defects in your teeth? Is it making your smile less pleasant? Is this owing to decayed, missing, crowded, crooked, mal-aligned or mal-posed teeth? You can visit your 24 hours emergency Albuquerque New Mexico dentist Dr William C Gardner. Book an appointment at NM Family and Cosmetic Dentistry PC. He is available throughout day and night. He focuses upon best solution. This is for improving your dental and oral health conditions. Get in touch with Albuquerque New Mexico Dentist for tooth cavities in children.

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