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FAQ’s about Cosmetic Braces Treatments

Braces Albuquerque Dentist

Dr. William Gardner, leading Dentist in Albuquerque understands that beautiful smiles constitute an important component of your overall personality and get up. Get in touch for Braces Albuquerque Dentist right now!

People feel appealed towards you due to charming smiles and beautiful esthetic profile. Thus, whenever you go out for work in your office or attend classes in…

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Laser Dentistry in Albuquerque by Dr. William Gardner

Dental treatment procedures have been revolutionized in the recent past with the increasing use of lasers. Lasers have been previously employed in medical and surgical treatment procedures. The introduction of lasers for curing dental and oral diseases has led to minimally invasive techniques. This involves least post-operative discomfort. Thus, this is one of the most popular form of treatments today.

Dentistry Albuquerque Dentist Popularity

Lasers accomplish best results with ease and simplicity.…

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Swollen Beeding Gums

What should I do for my Swollen & Bleeding Gums and I live in Albuquerque?

Are you looking for Emergency Dentist Albuquerque?

Swollen and enlarged gums can cause problems in chewing, eating, drinking and speaking in your daily life. In addition to functional abnormalities, bleeding and inflamed gums can ruin your smiles. People feel handicapped during their presentations at work and during lectures in universities due to compromised condition of gums. Poor oral hygiene conditions and accumulation of tartar deposits usually account for majority of

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Pediatric Treatment

Conscious Sedation in Dentistry for Albuquerque

Cosmetic Dentist Albuquerque

Modern dentistry or any cosmetic dentist Albuquerque puts special emphasis upon the provision of stress free and painless dental treatment procedures. This is especially in case of adults, elders as well as child patients. This is much needed by those seeking dental health care help from qualified dentists in the dental offices.

Techniques Applied By Leading Cosmetic Dentist Albuquerque

Various methodologies and techniques have been employed over the years for…

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Missing Front Tooth

What should be done in case of a missing front tooth?

Your Dentist Albuquerque

Your front teeth make up the most important component of your overall beauty and facial appearance. Light colored, healthy natural teeth provide charming smiles and esthetic tooth display during everyday activities involving opening your mouth. Missing or lost natural front teeth can ruin your smiles. Get in touch with your Dentist Albuquerque for more information.

Importance Of Healthy Teeth

Prevention is the best solution for increasing the lifetime of your…

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Teeth Whitening Yellow to white

Lesion Infiltration For Treating Discolored Teeth

Cosmetic dental treatments have been revolutionized in the recent past. Dental health care professionals have been able to treat hard, resistant stain marks and discolorations which were considered permanent in the past. Prominent scar marks and discolorations involving the visible tooth surfaces are a continuous source of embarrassment. Call Cosmetic Dentist Albuquerque for further details.

These conditions especially affect celebrities, females, students and presenters. People refrain from opening mouth and smiling…

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Pediatric Treatment

Child Dental Health Care

Dental Albuquerque – Child Care Needs

People often ignore the importance of dental health care consultation for their infants, toddlers and small children. It is generally thought there is no need to opt for expensive dental treatment procedures for milk teeth due to their temporary stay in the mouth. Diseased baby teeth not only adversely affect your infant’s oral and general well being but it has extreme consequences on his/her overall…

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Zirconia Dental Implant

Zirconia Dental Implants for Albuquerque New Mexico

Dental Implants Albuquerque have revolutionized the art and science of permanent and fixed replacement of missing and lost human natural teeth in the present era.

Importance of Dental Implants Albuquerque

Fixed dental bridges and removable dentures have been considered as the conventional replacement devices for empty spaces in your mouth. Removable artificial teeth have always been disliked by the majority owing to their drawback of falling out of the mouth during speaking,…

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Zirconia Crowns

Why Zirconia crowns are superior?

Decayed, damaged and compromised natural teeth due to dental decay, accidents, trauma and injuries often necessitate the provision of full artificial covering dental restorations. Call Albuquerque New Mexico dentist for further details.

Importance of Dental Crowns In Albuquerque New Mexico:

Simple fillings are not sufficient for the restoration of lost structure and function of lost natural tooth structure.Dental crowns are advised by dental health care providers in such situations. However, majority of injuries…

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Tooth Decay

Why dental decay increases in old age?

Old age has been documented to be an important risk factor for the development and progression of dental decay especially involving the roots of teeth. Old age presents various challenges which contribute towards the occurrence of numerous dental and oral diseases. Call Dentist Albuquerque for any dental needs.

Dentist Albuquerque For 24 Hours Emergency

Your own 24 hours emergency cosmetic & restorative dentist Dr William C Gardner at NM Family and Cosmetic…

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Teeth Whitening

Professional Teeth Whitening Methods vs at Home Products

Discolored and stained front teeth have been considered as the prime reason behind embarrassment and loss of self-esteem experienced whenever you visit your relatives for attending wedding ceremonies and meet your friends in class re-unions. You cannot smile broadly knowing your discolored teeth will be noticed by your friends and family. Try Albuquerque New Mexico for professional teeth whitening.

Importance of Having Bright Teeth:

Similarly, individuals lose confidence at work in their…

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Cosmetic Dental Services

Modify your dietary habits for better Oral Heath.

Your daily food and beverages intake plays an important role in the development and progression of dental decay and damage to your natural teeth. Albuquerque New Mexico is the place for good oral health. Food stuff which is especially responsible for tooth decay and tooth surface loss of natural teeth include diet containing synthetic sugars, carbohydrates, acidic foods and drinks, lemon juices, cola drinks, tomato ketchup and sticky foods which…

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Broken Teeth Front

What should I do if I get a blow on my front teeth?

Your front teeth make up an important component of your overall facial profile, beauty and smile makeover. Attractive and charming smiles impart confidence, appeal and self-esteem to your personality. Front teeth are highly prone to get damaged in the event of trauma, blow and injuries during falls and accidents in everyday life.

Importance Of Enamel

Enamel makes up the outermost, irreparable and hardest layer of human teeth but sudden blow or impact…

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Microabrasion Teeth

FAQ’s about Microabrasion of Teeth

Teeth can get stained or discolored from external sources such as intake of colored beverages, cola, red wine, tea, coffee, acidic juices. Thus, stay away from certain food colors in your meals, excessive use of some mouth washes as well as from internal sources such as side effects of antibiotics during development time period. Because there is an incorporation of fluoride through water or milk, remnants of chemicals left in…

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Resin Bonded Bridges

FAQ’s about Resin Bonded Bridges

Decayed, damaged and compromised natural teeth due to dental decay, accidents, trauma and injuries often necessitate the provision of full artificial covering dental restorations. Simple fillings are not sufficient for the restoration of lost structure and function of lost natural tooth structure.

Replacing Missing Natural Teeth

Replacement of missing natural teeth with fixed prosthesis has been popular these days. Conventional dental bridges are cost-effective in filling empty spaces in your mouth left…

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Composite Veneers

FAQ’s about Composite Veneers

Having a confidant smile profile makes it quite easier and comfortable to cope with daily challenges and competition during work at your office as well as dealing with people in social meetings and wedding anniversaries.

Importance Of Tooth Surface Health

Decayed, damaged, cracked, chipped off, broken, stained and discolored teeth compromise and ruin esthetic profiles and impart an unsightly appearance to your smiles. External tooth surface discolorations and minimal decay of tooth…

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Dental Crown

FAQ’s about same day Dental Crowns in Albuquerque

Cosmetic dental procedures basically aim at the restoration of beautiful and attractive smiles through the provision of esthetic dental restorations for the modification and correction of internally stained, discolored, malformed, mal-aligned, rotated and abnormally angulated natural teeth. Worn front teeth affected from tooth surface loss due to abrasion, attrition, erosion, trauma, injury, tooth decay and accidents necessitate provision of tooth colored restorations for enhancement of smile makeover.

Dental Crowns in Albuquerque


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Dental Bridges

How can Dental Bridges enhance my smile?

Complete set of healthy natural teeth impart pleasant and charming appearance to your overall esthetic profile whenever your teeth are displayed during smiling, laughing, eating and speaking. Loss of natural teeth leading to the creation of unsightly appearance of gaps between remaining teeth not only ruins your facial appearance but also results in the loss of self-esteem, confidence and appeal at your work places. Get in touch with Albuquerque New…

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Dental Componeers

FAQ’s about Dental Componeers

Perfect smile has an extremely positive impact on your daily life activities increasing job success and boosting confidence levels while dealing with clients. Whenever you look in the mirror early in the morning before going to your office, your own smile provides you the much needed energy and boost for the long hectic day’s work. This is why you need to get in touch with your Cosmetic Dentist Albuquerque.

Your Cosmetic…

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Dental Lumineers

FAQ’s about Dental Lumineers

Recent advancements and evolution in cosmetic dental sciences have produced pleasantly startling innovative materials, equipment’s, devices and techniques for the enhancement of your smiles and esthetic profiles. Are you in Albuquerque New Mexico?

State of the art armamentarium and excellent color matching features of modern dental restorative materials have made the job easy for dental health care professionals to achieve best solutions for cosmetic abnormalities and defects for their patients. Take care…

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Inlays Onlays


Albuquerque New Mexico INLAYS and ONLAYS – Discolored, blackened, stained and decayed teeth impart an unsightly appearance to your teeth. Dental decay, trauma, accidents and poor oral hygiene maintenance can lead to cavity formation in your teeth which necessitates placement of fillings for the restoration of lost natural tooth structure, daily functions of eating, drinking, biting, chewing, speaking and most importantly, smiling with confidence while dealing your clients and colleagues…

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Teeth Whitening

Dental Cleaning and Polishing for smile enhancement.

Daily intake of food stuff and beverages results in the development of a thin, tenaciously adherent layer of remnants on the surface of teeth and gums. This layer known as dental plaque gets yellowish and blackish with the passage of time. The dental plaque layer can be easily removed with the help of regular tooth brushing using a good quality tooth brush and fluoridated tooth paste from visible tooth surfaces…

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Cosmetic Gum Surgery

When Do I Need Cosmetic Gum Surgery?

Your smile makes an important part of your overall personality helping you to achieve your ambitions and aims in the course of life. Smiling face increases chances of your selection for job in an interview as well as success during verbal mode of examination. It increases the comfort level and understanding for children around you if you are working as a school teacher. Excessive or too little gum display during…

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Bleach Couple Smile

Role of Cosmetic Dentistry in Beautifying Your Smile

Innovations in cosmetic dental sciences have made it quite easy to mask discolorations and stains as well as modify and alter teeth shapes, sizes and overall appearance for the enhancement and modifications of your smiles. Modern cosmetic dentistry equipment and new tooth color matching materials can beautify smiles when used judiciously by experienced and well-trained dental health care professionals. Get in touch with Dental Albuquerque New Mexico for more.

Dental Albuquerque…

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Invisalign Aligners

FAQ’s about Invisalign Aligners

Mal-aligned, rotated and crooked teeth adversely affect your facial profile and smile makeover. People refrain from smiling publicly due to the embarrassment of the display of their defective teeth. Crooked and rotated teeth can easily mask your facial beauty whenever you speak, smile or laugh during social meetings and family gatherings. Keep reading to know more about Albuquerque New Mexico Invisalign Aligners.

What are Albuquerque New Mexico Invisalign Aligners?

If you are…

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Dental Bridges

Smile Broadly with Fiber-Reinforced Composite Bridges.

Missing front teeth pose serious cosmetic concerns especially in teenagers, young adults, females and working individuals who deal with people during daily jobs. Empty spaces ruin your smiles resulting in loss of confidence and self-esteem during interaction of people in your office and presentations in the university class rooms. Call Albuquerque New Mexico Dental for composite ridges.

Loss of front teeth is a disastrous event for the affected individuals and an…

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Dental Crown

How can Dental Crowns modify your smiles?

Dental decay usually involves initiates within the enamel of deep grooves, pits and fissures. Because this is present on the chewing surfaces of teeth. These areas harbor sticky food debris, caries causing microorganisms and their non-self cleansable nature helps in the progression of these bacteria and their harmful by products. Early stage tooth decay can be quite easily managed and arrested with the help of placing simple filling materials after…

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tooth filling

Why should I prefer Tooth Colored Fillings over Silver Fillings?

Your teeth frequently get affected from dental decay owing to neglected oral hygiene measures, excessive intake of sugary foods and drinks, oral habits, traumatic episodes, abrasion, erosion, attrition and accumulation of tartar deposits on your teeth and gums. Regular tooth brushing, dental flossing and mouth rinsing helps in the prevention of tooth decay. To know more about Albuquerque New Mexico Tooth Coloring fillings and silver fillings call us now.

Dental Decay…

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Teeth White Smile

Teeth Whitening Can Enhance Your Smiles

Stained and discolored teeth impart an unsightly appearance to your teeth which can ruin your overall smile profile. Yellowish and blackened teeth can be a cause of social embarrassment for you during your job interview or in a project presentation in the office before the whole management staff. Get in touch with Dentist Albuquerque For Teeth Whitening now.

Why hide your teeth?

People lose confidence and self-esteem and hide their teeth…

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Composite Veneers

Why Our Teeth Get Discolored And Stained?

Decayed, damaged and compromised natural teeth due to dental decay, accidents, trauma and injuries often necessitate the provision of full artificial covering dental restorations. Simple fillings are not sufficient for the restoration of lost structure and function of lost natural tooth structure. Get in touch for Albuquerque New Mexico Teeth Cleaning.

Albuquerque New Mexico Teeth Cleaning – 24 Hours Emergency

Albuquerque New Mexico 24 hours emergency specialist cosmetic & restorative dentist Dr…

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How Can Dental Lamination Brighten My Smile?

Cosmetic dentistry treatment procedures aim at the enhancement of your face profile with the help of specialized equipment and innovative materials which can brighten your natural teeth by removing or masking stains, discolorations, mal-alignment and rotated teeth. Whiter and brighter teeth can increase your success rates at work places and can help your child excel in his educational endeavors by boosting confidence levels and self-esteem. Call to know more about…

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Baby Broken Teeth

What options do I have for restoring or replacing a broken tooth?

Your teeth may get fractured, broken or chipped off following episodes of injury, trauma or accidents. Damaged teeth can affect your beautiful smiles and normal speech as well as daily functions of chewing, eating and drinking. You will feel handicapped and socially embarrassed owing to the half tooth display during talking with your clients or during presentation in your office or in the classroom if you are a university student.Call…

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Bleach Smile

How can diabetes mellitus affect my oral health?

Generally it is considered that poor oral hygiene conditions leading to development of dental plaque and tartar deposits owing to local factors dominate the factors responsible for the occurrence of dental and gum diseases in your mouth. Systemic diseases which may lead to the increased incidence of dental decay and gum problems are among the most commonly overlooked reasons by majority of dental health care professionals as well as patients…

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Baby Front Broken Teeth

What Should I Do if I Knock Out My Tooth?

Your front teeth constitute the most important component of your smiles and are visible during talking, eating and laughing. Their foremost location in the mouth makes them most susceptible to damage, knocking out and fractures during blows, falls and accidents in your daily life. This danger becomes many folds if you or your child has proclined front teeth. Young children and teenagers are more prone to undergo these incidents during…

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What are Sealants and Why Do We Need Them?

Poor oral hygiene conditions are generally regarded as the major risk determinants and factors responsible for the occurrence of dental decay leading to pain, discomfort, sensitivity, mobility of teeth leading to eventual tooth loss. However, tooth decay have been observed in individuals who have regular tooth brushing habits with the help of caries resisting fluoride tooth pastes, use of dental floss thread between teeth especially after taking meals and frequently…

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Root Canal Treatment

What is Root Canal Treatment?

Modern dental disease treatment concept aims at the restoration of decayed, damaged and fractured teeth at all costs instead of opting for removal of teeth to remove the cause of infection and dental decay. Loss of natural teeth can lead to compromised chewing, eating, swallowing and lack of growth and development especially in your children. You will feel handicapped following removal or loss of your natural teeth and lose confidence…

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sleep apnea

Oral and Dental Problems Associated With Pregnancy

Oral and dental health care problems most often develop owing to negligent tooth cleaning habits and poor oral hygiene maintenance. However, it may not be the case in all individuals especially when considering females in their teenage and during periods of pregnancy. Puberty and pregnancy are associated with rapid changes in the levels of hormones within your body which result in alteration of your body’s response to attacking bacteria and…

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pediatric dentist

What should I do if my baby has cavities in teeth?

Child dental health care is of utmost importance owing to the fact that healthy milk teeth ensure long life of permanent teeth which will erupt after shedding of baby teeth. Decayed, damaged, infected baby teeth followed by early loss can lead to failure of development of jaw bones. It also impacts healthy permanent teeth. Failure of eruption, delayed tooth eruption, mal-alignment of teeth, impacted teeth and rotated teeth are the…

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Electric Tooth Brush

Are Electric Tooth Brushes Good for Your Teeth?

Regular tooth brushing and use of dental floss are among the necessary home based oral hygiene maintenance therapies. Cleaning your teeth with the help of a soft bristled tooth brush and fluoridated tooth paste at least two times in a day function in the removal of dental plaque layer and prevents the accumulation of hard tartar deposits with the passage of time. Negligence attitude towards regular tooth brushing may lead…

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Dental Implants Albuquerque

FAQs about Dental Implants

Missing and lost natural teeth pose serious challenges in the production of beautiful smiles and speech pronunciation during your everyday lives. Dental decay due to excessive intake of sugars and carbohydrate rich diet, gum problems owing to poor oral hygiene maintenance, lack of cleaning your teeth regularly with tooth brush, tooth paste and mouth washes, progressive tooth surface loss because of overuse of acidic beverages and fizzy cola drinks and…

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Teeth Whitening Yellow to white

Not all teeth cleanings are equal

Clean and healthy teeth make up the most essential component of your smile and facial profile features. Stained, discolored and yellowish teeth can make you lose confidence in your office and at your university classes during presentations. Most tooth stains and discolorations develop on the external tooth surfaces due to regular intake of colored food stuff and drinking tea, coffee, cola drinks and colored beverages with meals and in our…

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Venners Front

Why should i have my teeth cleaned several times a year?

Your mouth is the gateway to everything your intake, eat and drink which passes all the way to your stomach and internal body organs for providing adequate nutrition and energy for performing daily activities and functions. Get in touch with Albuquerque New Mexico Dentist for teeth cleaning.

Importance of Oral Hygiene:

Maintenance of oral hygiene and cleaning of teeth and gums are extremely necessary for your overall well-being and general health. Regular…

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White Teeth Smile

Which is best: Teeth whitening at Home or in the Dentist’s Office?

Your teeth make up the most important component of your smiles. Smiles enhance your personality making you confident and ambitious for the achievement of goals in life. People feel comfortable around you if you are lively and smiling. Stained, discolored, mal-aligned and malformed teeth can be the source of embarrassment in your offices, for children at school, during presentations in the universities and in your social meetings. To know more…

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urgent dental clinic

Finding the right dentist in albuquerque

Your mouth acts as a gateway for the intake of drinks, beverages and diet which is necessary for fulfilling the nutritional requirements of the whole body. Maintenance of oral and dental health is essential for the optimum general body well-being as teeth and oral soft tissues constitutes the major components of your mouth. Dental health care professionals play a vital role in ensuring prevention, early detection and treatment provision for…

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Dental Braces Front

Should I opt for standard braces or Invisalign?

Straight, well aligned teeth not only ensure beauty of your smiles but also help in chewing, biting, drinking and eating. Mal-alignment of teeth leads to tilting, drifting and rotation of natural teeth imparting an unsightly appearance to your smile and food particle lodgment causing increased occurrence of dental decay and gum diseases.

Problem of Crowded Teeth:

Crowded teeth are extremely difficult to clean through tooth brushing, flossing and mouth rinsing. You need…

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General Dentistry Smile

How can you benefit from cosmetic dentistry treatments?

Beautiful and healthy teeth are necessary for producing attractive smiles in order to enhance your overall personality and face value during work at office or presenting your assignments in your academic life. Cosmetic dentistry procedures aim at the restoration of decayed, damaged and broken teeth as well masking staining and discoloration of teeth which adversely affect display of your teeth during talking, laughing and smiling. People wish to have white…

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urgent dental clinic

Why 24 hours emergency dentist is important for you?

Your teeth are an important part of your body owing to their unique structure and specialized functions for your overall health maintenance and general well-being. The outermost hard enamel surface layer of teeth is essential for the protection of underlying sensitive dentine and pulp components harboring nerves and blood vessels. This layer cannot be replaced once lost and should be protected at all costs. Know more about your Albuquerque New…

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