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Dental Filling

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What is a cavity?

Everyone’s mouth has bacteria. Even regular brushing can’t remove the natural digestive bacteria that linger on your teeth. When carbohydrates stick to your teeth, those bacteria covers them with acids and forms plaque. If plaque becomes tarter, bacteria has a greater chance to develop and damage the enamel. Untreated, this damage turns into cavities. Rather than let this become a greater problem, our team of specialists can fill those cavities and help you keep your teeth healthy.

Are Cavities Really a problem?

As a tooth cavity often begins as a dark yellow brown spot, it may not appear to be a problem However, letting it progress can result in much more costly and extensive treatment. Cavities are treated by the decay being removed with a dental drill. Once the cavity is completely clean, a filling made out of amalgam, gold, composite, or porcelain is placed to seal it from the oral environment.

Handing a tooth cavity.

When the problem looks like more than a small dark spot, many people don’t think it’s worth the time and effort of booking a dental appointment. However, having William C. Gardner DDS PA handle your cavities now will save you considerable time, trouble and discomfort later. General examination will often catch cavities before they develop into serious problem, and a simple dental filling will preserve the integrity of your teeth.

Also, by choosing our services, you can have access to cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening and emergency dental care at your disposal. We provide complete dental care with the same professional and compassionate approach for children and adults alike.

Contact us William C. Gardner DDS PA today and schedule your examination to catch cavities before they spread!

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