Should I opt for standard braces or Invisalign?

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Straight, well aligned teeth not only ensure beauty of your smiles but also help in chewing, biting, drinking and eating. Mal-alignment of teeth leads to tilting, drifting and rotation of natural teeth imparting an unsightly appearance to your smile and food particle lodgment causing increased occurrence of dental decay and gum diseases.

Problem of Crowded Teeth:

Crowded teeth are extremely difficult to clean through tooth brushing, flossing and mouth rinsing. You need to visit your dentist as soon as possible to prevent the occurrence of harmful consequences of crooked teeth.

If your child has perfectly aligned milk teeth without spacing between these, this rings an alarm for future crowding and mal-alignment in permanent dentition as succeeding teeth are always larger in size. An interceptive orthodontic planning should be designed for your child to prevent the development of crowding in future permanent teeth. 24 hours emergency cosmetic dentist & Orthodontist Dr William C Gardner at NM Family and Cosmetic Dentistry PC has specialized training for the correction of your crowded and mal-aligned teeth through the application of conventional metal braces, newer clear braces as well the innovative invisalign aligner therapy.

Albuquerque New Mexico Dentist – Help With Choices

The choice between opting for conventional metal braces, newer clear braces or invisalign aligners needs to be determined on the basis of severity of crowding and alignment of teeth, long term studies and results, your own preference keeping in mind your looks in social meeting, office presentations and family functions, cost of the treatment and choice of your child. Whenever you opt for orthodontic correction, you wish to have the best solution in spite of its relative high cost. We provide both braces and invisalign aligners to our patients after finalizing the best treatment method for them. A judicious comparison of braces and invisalign aligners helps you understand the benefits and drawbacks of both systems for selecting the best treatment for you and your child keeping in mind the advice of your dentist.

Conventional braces system consists of:

  • Metallic brackets glued to your teeth joined together by special stainless steel and flexible wires.
  • Small sized rubber bands called ligatures are tied over the wires and brackets for force application.
  • This system requires repeated renewal of ligatures after approximately three weeks when these get loose.
  • Usually silver in color.
  • Recently, tooth matching ceramic brackets have been developed to solve the problem of metal display.
  • Different colored brackets and ligatures are available for matching your dress especially in parties and university gatherings as a lifestyle fashion.
  • These are irremovable appliances placed on your teeth for about 2-3 years until completion of treatment.
  • Regular cleaning of brackets and wires through tooth brushing especially with interdental brushes is essential for prevention of dental plaque and tartar deposition. Water picks and sprays are beneficial as well.

Problems of Tooth Decay: Get In Touch With Albuquerque New Mexico Dentist

  • Increased occurrence of tooth decay and gum diseases help in  fixing braces.
  • Complex situations necessitate use of brackets.
  • Have been in use for quite a long time with great success.
  • Faster rate of closing gaps and straightening teeth as compared to invisalign.
  • Can cause pain and discomfort initially.
  • Cause staining and discoloration as well as chipping of outermost enamel surfaces.
  • You will feel difficulty in eating, chewing and biting hard and sticky foods stuff.
  • Retained preferably of fixed nature are essential after completion of treatment.
  • This is suitable for patients participating in rough contact sports.

Invisalign aligners show following characteristics:

  • These are invisible, transparent and clear devices which do not pose esthetic problems.
  • Gentle and subtle tooth movements occur after their application because of comfort factors.
  • Consist of comfortable, smooth, BPA-free clear plastic because it is essential.
  • Aligner designing is a special task.  Specially skilful dentists like Dr William C Gardner help patients. Radiographs, photographs and impressions of teeth help in creating three-dimensional representation of your mouth for formulating comprehensive treatment plan.
  • Wear these aligners 22-24 hours per day and you can remove these at night or during meals.
  • It takes 6 months to 18 months for achieving satisfactory results depending upon severity of mal-alignment.

Albuquerque New Mexico Dentist – Aligners

  • Aligners are more expensive than conventional brackets.
  • Invisalign cleaning systems, brushing and washing trays in lukewarm water helps in disinfection.
  • Aligner trays need are easy to change with new device fortnightly and follow up is helpful every 4-6 weeks
  • Invisalign aligners do not present problems of food impaction, pain and discomfort and difficulty in chewing or biting food.
  • You can remove these before taking meals, bushed after each meal to prevent tooth staining and minimal discomfort occurs due to movement of teeth.
  • Not ideal for patients having crowns & bridges, deep bite, conditions requiring rotation of canines and premolars and patients with poor compliance to follow instructions.

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Do you have cosmetic defects in your teeth? Is it making your smile less pleasant? Is this owing to decayed, missing, crowded, crooked, mal-aligned or mal-posed teeth? You can visit your 24 hours emergency Albuquerque New Mexico dentist Dr William C Gardner. Book an appointment at NM Family and Cosmetic Dentistry PC. He is available throughout day and night. He focuses upon best solution for improving your dental and oral health conditions.

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