Why should i have my teeth cleaned several times a year?

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Your mouth is the gateway to everything your intake, eat and drink which passes all the way to your stomach and internal body organs for providing adequate nutrition and energy for performing daily activities and functions. Get in touch with Albuquerque New Mexico Dentist for teeth cleaning.

Importance of Oral Hygiene:

Maintenance of oral hygiene and cleaning of teeth and gums are extremely necessary for your overall well-being and general health. Regular tooth brushing, use of dental floss between teeth, water jets and mouth rinsing with the help of antiseptic mouthwashes are helpful measures for increasing the longevity of your teeth and maintenance of gum health.

Need For Regular Cleaning:

Negligence regarding the use of regular cleaning measures results in the build of tenacious dental plaque and hard tartar deposits on the visible as well as hidden surfaces of your teeth which cannot be easily removed with above-mentioned cleaning aids. Your own 24 hours emergency cosmetic & restorative dentist Dr William C Gardner at NM Family and Cosmetic Dentistry PC advises regular consultation visits for the comprehensive evaluation and examination of your teeth and gums in order to judge the need of professional dental cleaning for maintenance of your oral and dental health.

Albuquerque New Mexico Dentist Offers Dental Examination:

Professional dental examination and cleaning appointments should be booked with your dental health care providers in order to prevent the development of bleeding gums, dental decay, staining and discoloration of teeth, loss of socket bone resulting in increased tooth mobility, detection of tilting of teeth, eventual tooth loss at an early age and screening for the development of soft tissue ulcers which may lead to oral cancer lesions. Regular dental cleaning will help in the early screening and detection of undiagnosed dental and oral abnormalities for your maximum benefit.

We advice dental cleaning appointments at least 3-4 times per year with the following added advantages on each appointment to our Albuquerque dental office.

Albuquerque New Mexico Dentist – Scheduled Dental Examination

Scheduled dental examination and cleaning appointments after every 3 months to 6 months time duration. This helps in the early diagnosis of gums, tongue and oral soft tissue lesions. Soft tissue changes may develop due to continuous irritation from dentures. This can also be due to rough tooth fillings, tilted opposing teeth which are out of arch, cheek and lip bites. It can also be because of teeth grinding habits and sharp tooth cusps. Your dentist will be able to advise you regarding early management of these abnormalities. Thus, you will know about the removal of irritation factors to prevent the development of advanced dental and oral diseases. These include oral cancer and pre-cancerous lesions.

Regular examination and teeth cleaning helps in your dentist to advise you. This is regarding prevention of excessive smoking habits, alcohol consumption and betal nut chewing habits. These habits are associated with development of stained and discolored teeth. This is also responsible for fibrosis of inner cheek surfaces..This leading to limited mouth opening and progression to oral cancer,

Bad Breath Problems:

Foul smell and bad breath can be socially embarrassing for you whenever you party with friends, attend wedding ceremonies and even on your ever day duty hours at office. Your colleagues feel uncomfortable sitting with you and you can lose assignments in business. Regular professional dental cleaning 3-4 times per year ensures elimination of halitosis or bad breath. Get in touch with Albuquerque New Mexico Dentist now.

Dental Decay Problems:

Dental decay and infections involving your teeth and gums are easy to detect. You can prevent it at an early disease stage due to regular consultation and dental cleaning visits,

Daily food intake and use colored drinks can discolor external surfaces of your teeth. Regular brushing removes most of these stains but with the passage of time some degree of discoloration persists and becomes permanent. These stains resist removal by tooth brushing and mouth rinsing and require professional dental cleaning appointment at the dental office. Thus, get in touch with your dentist right away.

Dental Plaque – Call Your Albuquerque New Mexico Dentist

Persistent dental plaque harbors harmful microorganisms. This accumulation forms a bio-film on the surface of teeth which has the ability to attract more microbes. This leads to the organization of bio-film. This organized dental plaque bio-film yellowish in color takes up minerals from your saliva and mouth fluids. This leads to development of hard tartar deposits. When tartar deposits involve the hidden tooth surfaces beneath gums, it becomes extremely difficult to remove these. These deposits detach the periodontal ligaments from teeth. Thus,  resulting in loosening and mobility of teeth. Professional dental cleanings in the form of scaling and root surface debridement are necessary to save these teeth and restore healthy gums. So, your Mexico dentist can offer complete help.

Call your Dentist Now:

Dental cleaning makes teeth whiter and brighter followed by polishing procedures which make surfaces smoother and shiner. Get in touch with your Albuquerque New Mexico Dentist right away.

If you are suffering from bleeding gums, stained or discolored teeth, and need cleaning of your teeth and gums treatment, 24 hours emergency cosmetic & restorative dentist Dr William C Gardner at NM Family and Cosmetic Dentistry PC is available throughout day and night and focuses upon best solution for improving your teeth.

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