Not all teeth cleanings are equal

Teeth Whitening Yellow to white

Clean and healthy teeth make up the most essential component of your smile and facial profile features. Stained, discolored and yellowish teeth can make you lose confidence in your office and at your university classes during presentations. Most tooth stains and discolorations develop on the external tooth surfaces due to regular intake of colored food stuff and drinking tea, coffee, cola drinks and colored beverages with meals and in our social gatherings. Get in touch with Albuquerque New Mexico, for teeth cleaning.

Visit Albuquerque New Mexico for Bleeding Gums Problem:

Sometimes, you feel bleeding from your gums while tooth brushing when you wake up in the morning or blood stains when you bite an apple. Gum bleeding usually occurs due to swollen and inflamed gingival tissues owing to the deposition of dental plaque and tartar deposits on the tooth surface and underneath soft tissues surrounding your teeth. Dental cleanings in the form of scaling and root surface debridement are often advised by your own 24 hours emergency cosmetic & restorative dentist Dr William C Gardner at NM Family and Cosmetic Dentistry PC for removing the causes of gum bleeding, external surface staining and discoloration of teeth.

Scaling and Root Planning

Scaling, root planning and tooth surface polishing are special procedures. They help to prolong the lifetime of your teeth by keeping these healthy and functional. Dental plaque layer deposits soon after intake of drinks and foods during meals and after taking inter meal snacks. Dental plaque layer can be easily removed by simple tooth brushing, mouth rinsing with mouth washes, use of dental floss between teeth and water spray by water picks.

Importance of Oral Hygiene

Lack of oral hygiene maintenance can lead to hardening of dental plaque within 48 hours resulting in development of hard tartar deposits which cannot be removed by tooth brushing or flossing especially on tooth surfaces below the gums. Hard tartar or calculus deposits require professional dental cleanings in the form of scaling procedures for restoration of oral and dental health. Scaling and root planning procedures are considered falsely as solely cosmetic treatments. These procedures aim at the restoration of your normal gum and teeth esthetics as well as functional health.

How  Albuquerque New Mexico Dentist Can Help You

All dental health care professionals are not equal and similarly all dental cleanings are not the same. Specialized training, latest equipments and state of the art techniques have revolutionized the science and art of cleaning your diseases teeth and gums. Manual tooth cleanings are popular with the help of hand instruments such as manual scrapers and curettes. These instruments can perform good cleaning of partially hard tartar deposits above and below the gums.

However, hard tartar stones and calculi which are tenaciously adhesive to teeth in large quantities. It is not possible to completely remove them by hand scrapers. This limitation can lead to persistence of gum disease and gum bleeding even after manual scaling and root surface cleanings. Furthermore, hand cleaning takes longer treatment time with little outcome and fatigue of the clinician. Ultrasonic scalers are quite useful for thorough removal of these deposits.

Polishing Devices

State of the art ultrasonic cleaning and polishing devices aim at thorough removal of dental plaque, tartar deposits, stains and discolorations in short time intervals.

Ultrasonic scalers use pouring of strong water jets. This is beneficial in cooling down the temperature elevation due to high speed movement of these tips producing friction on tooth surfaces. Large sized, hard and adherent tartar deposits are easily and effectively dislodged and removed by these innovative devices. Continuous water suction devices are essential. These are in use with ultrasonic scalers and help in preventing the pooling up of water with your mouth.

Teeth Polishing by Albuquerque New Mexico Dentist

This will provide you comfort and will ensure adequate visibility for the dentist. Ultrasonic scaling is the first process, then  polishing of teeth with the help of soft polishing cups or brushes after applying polishing paste on the tooth surface. It is possible on the same visit or next visit after restoring of gum health. Manual cleaning sometimes becomes necessary after ultrasonic use for careful debridement of tooth and root surfaces for remaining deposits. This combination has added benefits of accuracy and precision.

Skills of Dentist:

Experience and skill of the dentist is important. This along with availability of latest and sophisticated scaling and polishing equipment is essential. Also, post-operative oral hygiene care are essential for successful tooth cleaning outcomes. If your dentist is does not have the training or equipment, these procedures can be harmful. This is due to the  scratches on tooth surfaces which will harbor more plaque and stains afterwards.

If you are suffering from bleeding gums, stained or discolored teeth, and need cleaning of your teeth and gums treatment, 24 hours emergency cosmetic & restorative dentist Dr William C Gardner at NM Family and Cosmetic Dentistry PC is available throughout day and night and focuses upon best solution for improving your teeth.

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