What options do I have for restoring or replacing a broken tooth?

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Your teeth may get fractured, broken or chipped off following episodes of injury, trauma or accidents. Damaged teeth can affect your beautiful smiles and normal speech as well as daily functions of chewing, eating and drinking. You will feel handicapped and socially embarrassed owing to the half tooth display during talking with your clients or during presentation in your office or in the classroom if you are a university student.Call for Albuquerque New Mexico Dentist For Restoring Replacing Broken Tooth.

Albuquerque New Mexico Dentist For Restoring Replacing Broken Tooth

Broken teeth can seriously affect your confidence and self-esteem in social meetings and wedding functions. If your teeth are slightly chipped off, fractured or broken, these can be easily repaired with the latest dental bonding materials available these days. If the damage is extensive and beyond repair, you will be provided with the latest tooth replacements for restoring and repairing your smiles and everyday functions.

Your own 24 hours emergency skilled cosmetic & restorative dentist Dr William C Gardner at NM Family and Cosmetic Dentistry PC has specialist training and well-equipped dental office with the required armamentarium and innovative dental materials which can repair or replace your affected teeth.

Call for Albuquerque New Mexico Dentist For Restoring Replacing Broken Tooth.


A. Your teeth have the natural protection of being layered by the hardest enamel tissues of the body. Enamel is as hard as the bones of your body. However, sudden blow or impact force can crack or break this outermost covering of your teeth. Following events can cause broken teeth,
Ice chewing habits,
Sports injuries in the playground without protection such as no mouth guard used during playing football,
Pencil or pen chewing habits,
Opening bottle corks with teeth,
Occupational injuries such as playing violin or mouth organs,
Biting on hard foods and drinks which can erode your teeth such as candies, citrus, coffee, dried fruits, potato chips, soda, alcohol and sports drinks,
Sudden blow to the face such as in boxing,
Weakened teeth due to dental decay,
Heavily filled teeth.


A. Following conditions can occur following blow or trauma to your teeth,
Tiny crack lines or crazes involving the outermost enamel layer because of erosion
Breaking off of the portion of chewing surfaces of teeth due to different factors
Complete cracking of teeth from the chewing surfaces extending to the roots,
Complete separation or splitting of tooth into two parts,
Fractured roots of teeth. Call for Call for Albuquerque New Mexico Dentist For Restoring Replacing Broken Tooth.


A. The best management of broken or fractured teeth or portions of teeth is an immediate visit to your dental health care professional for prevention of development of infection, expert opinion and emergency treatment provision. However, you must follow these steps of home care before going to your dentist,
Secure the broken or fractured piece of tooth and place it in water or saline solution,
Mouth rinsing with Luke warm water due to its soothing and antiseptic effects,
In case of soft tissue bleeding, gums or lip lacerations, put firm pressure on the affected area with piece of damp cotton or gauze or cloth for approximately 10 minutes until bleeding stops,
Place a cold pack with the help of cloth wrapped around ice cubes on the lips or cheeks around injured area for reducing pain and swelling,
Take an over the counter pain killer if necessary because it helps in offering relief from pain
Call for Albuquerque New Mexico Dentist For Restoring Replacing Broken Tooth..


A. Dr William C Gardener will completely evaluate the extent and severity of fractured and broken teeth with visual examination. Thus, there are special tests before taking informed consent from you regarding the best treatment procedure.
Minor crack lines do not need complex procedures and simple polishing of the surfaces will alleviate symptoms of discomfort because it is easy to deal  with
Your dentist will take care of the cracks on the basis of severity of symptoms as well as on the position of tooth’s nerves. Tooth fillings work well for general cracks. If a fragmennt breaks and is available, bonding resin cements can work well to glue it back on the tooth. Full coverage crowns are sometimes necessary and good. If there is damage to the tooth nerves it works well.

More Options:

Broken down cusps from chewing tooth surfaces will get back into shape because of the special cusp formers and bonding filling materials available in our dental office,
Severe splitting fractures and root fractures are often fatal because they result in loss of teeth. Replacing of teeth with artificial teeth is necessary in such cases,
Dental veneering helps in cases of complete front surface breakdown of your teeth.

Call for Albuquerque New Mexico Dentist For Restoring Replacing Broken Tooth.


A. When broken teeth cannot be saved, replacement can be achieved with the help of,
Dental implants,
Dental bridges,
Removable dentures.

Do you have cosmetic defects in your teeth? Is it making your smile less pleasant? Is this owing to decayed, missing, crowded, crooked, mal-aligned or mal-posed teeth? You can visit your 24 hours emergency Albuquerque New Mexico dentist Dr William C Gardner. Book an appointment at NM Family and Cosmetic Dentistry PC. He is available throughout day and night. He focuses upon best solution for improving your dental and oral health conditions.


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