Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea Oral Devices, Albuquerque, New Mexico by William C. Gardner DDS PA Non-invasive Oral Advancement devices or Oral Advancement Treatment (OAT) devices. Improving the quality of your sleep also improves the quality of your health. William G. Gardner, DDS PA can provide complete custom-fitted OAT devices to let your sleep with greater ease as well as silencing any snoring.

Get a good Night Sleep

sleep apneaOral sleep apnea devices are a clear and effective alternative to CPAP and surgeries. These devices fit around the existing dentition and advance the jaw forward to keep the airway open. These devices are covered with normal medical Insurance. If you already have a CPAP you can also have Oral Sleep Device and the medical insurance shall cover the expense at their percentage.
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Using the latest Technology

sleep apnea dentistWe offer many types of Sleep Apnea Oral Devices.
Find out which one works best for you.
We work very closely with your pulmonary specialist to get the right treatment for you.
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How it works

Do you Snore? Are you often sent to sleep in the other room? We can help with your sleep apnea with devices that are proven to work and eliminate snoring. Schedule your appointment today!
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