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Teeth White Smile

Stained and discolored teeth impart an unsightly appearance to your teeth which can ruin your overall smile profile. Yellowish and blackened teeth can be a cause of social embarrassment for you during your job interview or in a project presentation in the office before the whole management staff. Get in touch with Dentist Albuquerque For Teeth Whitening now.

Why hide your teeth?

People lose confidence and self-esteem and hide their teeth during eating, chewing, talking, smiling, laughing and during discussions in their social circle and while attending family weddings. Teeth become black or yellow due to poor oral hygiene maintenance. Intake of colored foods, excessive use of acidic colored beverages, use of medications during tooth development ages and plenty of other causes are responsible for conditions of teeth staining and discoloring.

You can get whiter and brighter teeth whenever you want through prevention as well as the treatment for the removal of developed tooth stains. Albuquerque New Mexico 24 hours emergency specialist cosmetic & restorative dentist Dr William C Gardner at NM Family and Cosmetic Dentistry PC provides you all the necessary information regarding at home and in office teeth whitening agents, methods and procedures for maximum improvement and enhancement of your smiles.


A. Professional teeth whitening procedures or in office teeth bleaching methods are considered safest and most reliable among all the available management plans focusing upon treating stained and discolored teeth. Dr William C Gardener performs state of the art in office teeth whitening in his office using especially formulated high concentration bleaching gels and pastes. These agents have shown greater efficacy for the complete removal of discoloring or staining particles incorporated within your teeth and attached on the outer surfaces of tooth’s enamel.
After proper evaluation, complete history taking and informed consent, these agents will be pasted on your teeth. Gums are always protected through placement of special barriers. The pasted agents are activated with special lasers and dental lights for weakening the bonds of stains with your teeth. You are strongly advised to choose well-experienced and trained dental health care professional for teeth bleaching.

Visit Dentist Albuquerque For Teeth Whitening

If you have a busy schedule and you cannot regularly attend your dentist in his dental office for teeth whitening appointments, your dentist has the option to provide you with good quality teeth whitening trays for placement on your teeth yourself. He will take an impression to record size, shape, angulations and alignment of your teeth in addition their relationship with the opposing teeth.
The models are in use in the dental laboratory for fabrication of a well-fitting dental tray appliance with spaces designed to put the bleaching gels. These whitening gels are somewhat different with low concentration agents. These are in use at home. You will know a lot about the use of whitening trays at home. This method takes longer time duration and the overall success is dependent upon your compliance with dentist’s instructions

Dentist Albuquerque For Teeth Whitening – Over The Counter

Over the counter teeth whitening strips and dental pastes are available these days. Even celebrities and TV models use these agents to get instant teeth whitening effects. However, Dr William C Gardener does not recommend their excessive use without professional consultation. If you want to use these branded products, you are welcome to take an expert opinion prior to their application on your teeth,

Oil pulling is another method of achieving whitish teeth for beautifying your smiles. This proposed method employs use of spoonful of coconut oil swishing in your mouth for 5-20 minutes followed by tooth brushing. Coconut oil is a documented whitening and antimicrobial agent. Discuss this with your dentist for further guidance,

Use baking soda and hydrogen peroxide combination, apple cider vinegar, lemon or orange peels and strawberries. This is an excellent remedy for teeth discoloring and staining.


A. Professional teeth whitening methods employ safe and effective doses of bleaching gels which can only cause transient sensitivity in few cases. This side effect is easily manageable and eventually resolves on its own. Fluoride gels applied soon after the bleaching session can relieve this effect.


A. Some degree of relapse is possible teeth whitening procedures following 1-2 years of the treatment. However, simple touch ups sessions can help retain the required results. You need to visit your dentist regularly twice a year for follow up and maintenance care.

Do you have cosmetic defects in your teeth? Is it making your smile less pleasant? Is this owing to decayed, missing, crowded, crooked, mal-aligned or mal-posed teeth? You can visit your 24 hours emergency Albuquerque New Mexico dentist Dr William C Gardner. Book an appointment at NM Family and Cosmetic Dentistry PC. He is available throughout day and night. He focuses upon best solution for improving your dental and oral health conditions.

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